What role can media perform?

Media performs very important functions in the society. Moreover in the modern democratic nation-state system it is considered as the forth pillar of the sate whose functions are indispensible for the smooth and effective functioning of a society and its governmental machinery.

It is the dire need of today’s globalized people to be aware of their surroundings. Therefore everyone gets information through easy accessible sources of media. Mainly mass media is involved in providing latest information about whole world, national, and local events. This reality truly supports the functions of media that is being performed everywhere with efficiency. Both print and electronic media provides important function of influencing public opinion, informing with recent developments on all issues, surveillance, determining the political agenda, criticism, awareness, and social & moral development of society.

media perform

Media performs following crucial functions in a society.

The one of the basic function is to inform its public with every new event and happening. The information could be on anything. Information about government, politicians, sports, film, drama, celebrities, educational institutes etc. even all spheres come under the scope of information. It is the responsibility of print and electronic media to keep public aware of. Information can be in the form of news, comic TV shows, or reality shows.

Then media also educate the public. It is not mandatory that only educated and learned people watch TV or read newspapers, because now it is easy for even a unlearned and illiterate people to be aware of its surroundings. By watching TV or listening radio only yours listening and watching senses are involved. Educational and entertaining programmes can help learning the new trend s of society.

Media not only report the results of public opinions rather it also influence the public opinion. When any one of the famous celebrity talk about a particular issue and wants support from public, then they motivate towards that opinion, the basic reason is the media. Whenever anything is approached through media public mould their opinion. Media is one of the major reason of changing public attitude and opinion. Media influences the behaviours of public positively and negatively as the picture is being presented by media.

Media is a great source of entertainment. It telecasts all types of programmes because it knows about its viewers. Similarly print media is also printing the focused things which are being demanded by the readers. Programmes of sports, fashion, cartoons, society focused programmes like dramas & films; all are the indispensable sources of entertainment.

In this modern world the relationship between public and government is become easy. And this is only because of media. Media knows its responsibility to inform people. It conveys the opinion of government to target people truly, in this way a chain relationship is built up where everybody performs within its domain. In other words media performs as watchdog of government and stops the government when it goes against public will. Media has highlighted many problems between public and government which once were not addressed due to communication gap.