Some Tips for Camping lovers!

Nowadays it is getting difficult to have spare time for your family. Why do not you think to take some leaves and go for camping in hilly areas near to your home town? It would surely be a wonderful experience for your whole family. What you are waiting for pick up the luggage and go camping and have fun with your family members. Before going camping you need some tips and some essentials to keep with you to make your trip an unforgettable event.

You need to work out on essentials that what to take with you for the trip. First you should make a check-list and tick it off when you about to leave. A first aid kit must be with your luggage for any kind of trip. Don’t rely on wood sticks for fire to cook food it may not be easy to find there. Try to keep a fuel stove for your easiness. Take a gas or fuel lamp as well, it helps preparing the evening food and getting ready for bed easier. Take a foot- mat to keep it on door entrance it’s great for removing sand and soil before entering the tent.

camping lovers tips

Don’t forget to pick a spot downwind so it will help the smoke air blowing away from your tent. Please keep in mind to build your fire on a bed of sand or dirt, away from logs, wood, bushes or stumps and vegetation. Before extinguishing fire, clear the surface ground from such type of material that could catch fire. You should have some knowledge that how to set a fire for cooking purposes and for making light. Plastics can give off noxious fumes and aerosols and sealed containers can explode. Kerosene oil can make the purpose easier. Before going sleep you should take a bucket of water and some sand get ready in case of emergency to control the fire out-blast.

Try to locate a place where water is available if not, then try save water and do not use it lavishly. At such situations your little tricks are required to your own comfort. Prepare some cotton or foam sponges’ to get it use for washing dishes and make them use for second term. All comforts are only being felt at night if your bed is not up to the mark of the camping requirements then you would not enjoy the night rest. Therefore ensure it, that your sleeping bags are warm enough that can prevent the coldness of night and also prevent the insects which can disturb your sleep.

To avoid such creeping insects you should again be a smart household. Before going sleep, pack up all food. Try to set your camps away from bird’s nests. Do not keep anything out of your camp, even you shoes must be inside the camp. It might be possible that spiders, ants or any insect can make their home inside your clothes or shoes. So precautions are necessary.

Try to pick all garbage before leaving the camping place.