Significance of Family

Family is a group with common ancestors, a kinship group united by blood or marriage, with and without children. Family possesses the most primitive social bounding among all societies. Since the inception of this world, there were no other social institutions, formal or informal, but family existed with all of its benefits. Within the family all the requirements of living were fulfilled. The family is an adequate structure for handling the economic production and consumption of its connected members. Family does possess the authority to rule formally and informally. It has the quality to provide its members with all resources and benefits, which could be difficult to earn for an individual. Shelter, security, food, entertainment and many hidden benefits are available for all members of a single unit – family.

Significance of Family

Like other groups and communities, family has some accepted values, norms, and procedures for getting some productive jobs done. All societies depend upon the family for the better upbringing and socialization of children. It is the family where personality development begins, which provides the basic environment to children to make them socialized and be accepted them in society due to better personality development. Family is the initial institution where children learn and experiment the new learning with their family members.
Family offers another comfort of shelter and security. The physical and psychological shelter helps in developing a new personality, because at the very start of your innocent life you are not able to do everything for your life. But family helps in developing a new member within its social and physical boundaries. Nevertheless, family protects its members at every stage of life. It defends one another if someone is caught in trouble.

To get attention is the human nature. Everyone needs love, care, and sincere relationships for making his life normal. Lack of love and affectionate relationship make the people psychic. It creates emotional difficulties. A feel of refusal from social group can be dangerous for the survival of a person. Family provides every care and love to its members at every stage. The sharing and caring offered by the family increase the importance among one another, and it gives the feel of dependence that nobody can live alone.

It is obvious that family is an economic unit in most primitive societies. All of its members work together as a team. They try to fulfill the needs of one another. If anyone fails financial constraints the other one willfully come to help him. Even though, in most families only one person, the head of family, is responsible to earn and fulfill the basic requirements of all.

Along with this, being connected to a family offers you many comforts that one cannot imagine. Family is also considered as a social and status symbol. It raises your standard among peer group. Sometimes our problems solved hidden because of our brother, father, or any other family member.

We should love and value our relationships.