NYU Game Center Open Library

The NYU Game Center Open Library is a two branch library with a growing collection of over 2,000 digital and non-digital games. The library supports the Game Center’s undergraduate and graduate coursework, promoting game literacy, critical examination of play, and community engagement through hands-on access to the design history of games.

NYU Game Center Open Library

Branch Locations & Hours

Main Branch:
2 Metrotech Center, 8th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Hours: Monday – Friday 1-8PM
September 3rd – December 12th
January 26th – May 10th

At our main branch, find our complete collection of digital games, non-digital games, and game design books. Here our knowledgeable staff of student librarians can answer your questions about Game Center classes, events, and degrees.

Visit the main branch on Thursdays from 5-7PM for our weekly event, Playtest Thursday, where Game Center students as well as local NYC developers bring their games out to test. Bring your digital, nondigital, physical, or any other kind of prototype, play other people’s games, and enjoy some free pizza. The only rule is to give as much feedback as you get! Playtest Thursday is usually followed by a lecture, workshop, or other event, making Thursday nights one of the best times to visit the Game Center.

Manhattan Branch:
721 Broadway, Lower Level Lobby
New York, NY 10003
Hours: Monday – Friday 2-8PM
September 3rd – December 12th
January 26th – May 10th

The Manhattan branch is a librarian-curated selection from the larger collection. Stop by the Manhattan branch between classes to play a rotating collection of key video games, play games made by NYU Game Center students, do your Games 101 homework, talk with librarians about the program, and meet other folks passionate about design and play.

Game Catalog

Our catalog is available online for researchers and/or anyone looking for particular game or set of games. The catalog is listed here.

Need to study a rare game or collection of games for a class? We gladly take inquiries and requests! Many of the library’s most interesting acquisitions are requested by students across the university who are researching a particular aspect of game design and history, like FPS mods from the 1990s or international versioning of Pokemon. To inquire about the collection and potential requests, please email gamecenter@nyu.edu, or visit either branch and talk with a librarian.

Events & Curations

The NYU Game Center Open Library is home to many events that celebrate the history, archival, preservation, and play of games. Open Library events aim to explore new and interesting ways to use the library’s collection and resources in unique and playful ways.

The Open Library frequently features curations put together by NYU Game Center faculty, students, and NYU Game Center Librarians. Curations create conversations between the games in the collection by exploring a particular mechanic or theme or highlighting a particular genre, trend, or moment in game design and history.