Manitoba Education Library

Manitoba Education Library

The Manitoba Education Library provides Manitoba Kindergarten through Grade 12 educators with curriculum implementation support, educational research and professional development materials.

The Manitoba Education Library provides:

  • Manitoba Kindergarten to Grade 12 educators with curriculum implementation support, educational research, and professional learning resources
  • teachers-in-training with library services and resources in preparation for teaching
  • print disabled students with alternate format materials in Braille, large print, audio, and electronic formats
  • archival resources, including pre-1980 approved textbooks and Departmental publications
  • Manitoba Education staff with essential library services, including desktop e-access to online periodicals and research databases

All of the activities of the Library focus on the following educational outcomes: the improvement in teaching practices and student learning; the increased use of educational research and practice to improve decision making in the classroom and in educational administration; and an increased emphasis on resource-based learning as an educational model in schools.

The Library also acts as a depository centre for all the Department of Education publications.

Collections & Facilities

The Manitoba Education Library’s collections support educators in implementing the Manitoba K-12 curricula. It is comprised of professional materials, as well as student resources. All the resources are searchable in the Library Catalogue.

Print Collection

  • Manitoba & WNCP Recommended resources for K-12
  • Supplementary K-12 curriculum materials
  • Fiction and Graphic Novels
  • Big books
  • Professional journals and magazines
  • Manitoba Education Publications
  • Manitoba Curriculum / Curriculum Support Documents

Multimedia Collection

  • DVDs
  • Audio CDs
  • Educational Kits
  • Model & Games
  • Puppets
  • Pictures & Posters
  • CD-ROMs

Online Collection

  • eBooks
  •  Encyclopedaedias
  • eJournals
  • Online Databases
  • Multi-resource searching tools
  • Video Streaming

Special Collections

  • Alternate Formats
  • Manitoba Education Archives

When visiting the Library in person, patrons can take advantage of several of the Library’s features, including:

  • Computer workstations (Internet, Microsoft Office, DVD/CD-ROM viewing)
  • Group meeting room with Internet connection, laptop, Smart Board and projector
  • Group study tables and carrels for individual study
  • Photocopier
  • Kid-Zone, a space for children
  • Free Wi-Fi