University of Texas Fine Arts Library

The Fine Arts Library (FAL), a unit of The University of Texas Libraries, opened July 16, 1979. Its collections support research and instruction in the College of Fine Arts,which includes the Butler School of Music, and the Departments of Art and Art History, and Theatre and Dance. With the inclusion of the materials from the former Audio Visual Library, the FAL now serves numerous other University departments, notably those in the liberal arts which need feature films, television shows, and other audio-visual materials. The Fine Arts Library collection includes approximately 350,000 books and scores, 400 current serial subscriptions, 48,000 compact discs, 12,000 DVDs, 12,000 video cassettes and videodiscs, 6,200 reels of microfilm, 24,000 microfiche, and over 135,000 LPs.


Here are the requirements to park in the garage for up to two hours at no cost:

  • San Jacinto Garage only
  • Non-event days
  • Ticket dispensed after 6pm on weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday
  • Patrons without parking permits

To have your parking ticket validated:

  • Pull ticket from the machine in the garage
  • Bring the ticket to the Fine Arts Library
  • FAL staff will validate your ticket for up to two hours
  • Patrons bring validated ticket back to the garage and use it at the gate when they exit
  • If a patron exceeds the 2 hour mark, they will be charged the regular garage parking rates beginning at the 2 hour mark. The patron can go to the office (during the week until 8pm) or use the pay in lane machine to pay the difference

Building Use

This building use policy is designed to help prevent damage to Fine Arts Library materials, furniture, equipment, and the building, and also to recognize the needs and comfort of library users.

Noise and Study Areas

Staff and users should respect the rights of others to study in peace and should refrain from making excessive noise. The fifth floor is designated a quiet study space. The Roberts Reading Room (3rd floor) is designated a collaborative study space.

Food and Drink

Consumption of food is not permitted except in seminar and group study rooms, private offices, staff areas, and for organized special events. Non-alcoholic drinks in spill-proof containers are allowed (e.g. water-bottles with caps, coffee cups with lids). Soda cans are not spill-proof. Patrons with food and/or non-spill-proof cans or cups may be asked to move to the lounge areas outside the library in order to finish eating and drinking.  Deliveries of food (except for organized special events) will be refused by library staff.

Cellular Phones and Other Electronic Devices

Cellular phones should be set to vibrate as ring tones are annoying and disruptive. Texting is welcomed but voice calls should be made outside the library. Please mute all computers and other devices. Use ear buds or earphones to listen music, movies, plays, etc.


Flyers from University departments and student organizations as well as flyers from outside, non-commercial organizations may be posted on the bulletin boards on the third floor and the small bulletin boards outside the library doors in the third floor lobby. Stacks of non-commercial postcards/flyers may not be left on the Circulation Desk, but may be left in designated areas. These areas will be cleared periodically.

Commercial advertisements, such as sublets, instrument sales and art supplies, and tutoring are not permitted.

The Fine Arts Library reserves the right to determine what will remain posted. Preference will be given to events that are arts-related or use library materials.

Flyers of any kind found posted in the library’s restrooms (including the ones outside the library, off the third floor lobby) will be removed.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Fine Arts Library  12pm – 10pm 8am – 10pm 8am – 10pm 8am – 10pm 8am – 10pm 8am – 5pm
AV Equipment Check Out 12pm – 9:30pm 8am – 9:30pm 8am – 9:30pm 8am – 9:30pm 8am – 9:30pm 8am – 4:30pm
Check Out (Circulation / Reserves) Desk 12pm – 9:45pm 8am – 9:45pm 8am – 9:45pm 8am – 9:45pm 8am – 9:45pm 8am – 4:45pm